Toronto woman writes account of her long struggle to bring her son’s murderers to justice – and to allow her to see her grandchildren again

Ruth MarkelBy BERNIE BELLAN When I first received an email from a publicist by the name of June Lorraine Roberts about a new book, I became immediately aware of the similarities between what June had written in her email and what happened to former Winnipegger Adam Anhang when he was murdered in Puerto Rico in 2005. I told June that I didn’t have time to read the actual book at this time, but I would want to let readers know about it.

Young Winnipegger Liam Karp building a career in film as visual effects specialist

Liam Karp edited 1By MYRON LOVE When The Jewish Post & News last touched base with Liam Karp, he had recently returned from a trip to Jordan where he was part of a film crew – he was assistant director - filming the Canadian-made feature, “Hyena Road”, a fictionalized account of the Canadian military experience in Kandahar in southern Afghanistan.

Fredelle Bruser Maynard’s centenary and remembering “Raisins and Almonds”

Fredelle Bruser Maynard composite edited 1By IRENA KARSHENBAUM While out walking recently, I came across a copy of “Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy Toole in one of those free little libraries. Now the book doesn’t fit into my criteria of rare, lost or out-of-print works that I am usually on the hunt for, but knowing that this is one of the great American classics of the 20th century, which I had not yet read, I started reading it on the spot while thinking, can people see me from their front windows and think I’m like rummaging through their garbage?

Michael Bolton will be among the first to perform at Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls brand new theatre

casino BoltonDid you know Michael Bolton is Jewish, born Michael Bolotin? Starting December 16, Bolton will be headlining at the brand new entertainment centre at Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls.

Tips to Win at the Online Casino

Casino picturePlaying online casinos seems simple, but new players can be at a loss for the first time. Of course, everyone wants to win lots of money — and it is possible. But players should know certain rules and advice before making the first bets.

The River - an excerpt from a new novel by former Winnipegger Zev Coehn

Cohen Zev 2019Introduction: The following story is an excerpt from a longer story in Zev Cohen’s new novel titled “Are You Still Alive?”
As Zev wrote to us recently, “this is Chapter One of my novel, "Are You Still Alive?" It is partially based on events recounted to me by my late father Moshe. The story, beyond being one of the countless tales of Jewish survival against all odds during the Holocaust, is also an allegory for the indomitable human spirit intertwined with Rabbi Akiva's maxim ‘V’havta l’raecha kamocha’. I hope to have the complete novel published soon.
Zev’s writing has appeared several times in the past in this paper. His collection of short stories, titled “Twilight in Saigon,” was published in 2021.
Born in Israel, Zev lived in Winnipeg until he was 17, when he returned to Israel with his parents. He now spends half the year in Israel and half the year in Calgary, where his two sons live.

Palm oil is ubiquitous - yet the farming of palm oil trees is environmentally disastrous

"Planet Palm"
author Jocelyn Zuckerman

By MARTIN ZEILIG Palm oil has been criticized by many, including scientists, activists and organizations such as Greenpeace and the Palm Oil Investigations, notes online information.
In a report published by the BBC, environmentalists argue that the farming of oil palm trees is having damaging effects on the environment.

Rosie Sharp: wife of Four Seasons Hotels founder Issy Sharp lays it all out in her memoir

book cover edited 1By BERNIE BELLAN I’m not much for reading autobiographies; I prefer to read someone else’s account of a person’s life because I figure you’re much more likely to find out what someone’s life was truly like when it was written by someone else - warts and all.
However, when I was asked whether I might like to receive an advance copy of the memoir of Rosalie Sharp whose name, to be honest, was unfamiliar to me - but who, I was informed, was the wife of Four Seasons Hotel founder Isadore Sharp - I thought: Sure, it’s always interesting to read of the lives of the rich and famous – and when they’re Jewish and Canadian to boot, let’s go for it.

First cousins play leadership roles in local amateur hockey circles

l-r: Ben Blankstein/Ian McCarton

By MYRON LOVE Ian MacArton and Ben Blankstein are first cousins who share a passion for hockey – a passion which has led to leadership roles in amateur hockey in Winnipeg and Manitoba respectively.