CABGU March 3

Join in a Zoom session March 2 that promises to offer hilarious stories about The Jewish Post

Bernie Bellan/Gerry Posner

Note: We originally had posted the wrong date for this event. Isn't that just typical of me to get wrong the date for an event in which I'm supposed to appear?

On Tuesday evening, March 2 at 7 pm Central Time, The Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada will be offering viewers around the world a chance to hear never-before stories about The Jewish Post - going back as far as 1925 (when Bernie Bellan was just a lad). In conversation with the world's most popular man, Gerry Posner, Bernie will deal head-on with the rumour that he actually knows something about publishing a Jewish newspaper.

Gray Academy shows marked increase in retention of students in comparison with same period in previous years

Gray Academy logoBy BERNIE BELLAN Every February, Gray Academy opens up priority re-enrollment for current families for the next school year.  In 2019, the percentage of parents who re-enrolled at this point in the year was 62%. In 2020, it was 70.61%.
This year, as of February 10, the percentage topped 90% - almost 30% higher than the same period just two years ago.

Six cases of Covid confirmed at Rady JCC managed early years centre on Grosvenor

RADY JCC colourBy BERNIE BELLAN The first confirmed cases of Covid at one of the day care centres operated by the Rady JCC have occurred at the centre on Grosvenor Avenue.

Two upcoming Zoom sessions open to anyone

Left: Beatty Cohan
Right: Sandy Shefrin Rabin

On Feb. 16 the Shaarey Zedek will be offering a Zoom session featuring former Winnipegger Beatty Cohan, a renowned sex therapist, teaching how to "Never Make a Mistake in Love Again!"

On Feb. 21, former Winnipegger Sandy Shefrin Rabin will be holding a Zoom launch of her book, "Prairie Sonata". Read more to find out about both Zoom sessions.

Limmud preview: Jonathan Sarna and similarities between a Yellow Fever plague in the 1870s and today's pandemic

Jonathan Sarna

(Ed. note: Limmud will be offered online this year, beginning March 7. As is our custom, we will be presenting previews of various Limmud speakers, beginning with this piece. Check this website for more previews in the weeks to come.)

An 1873 epidemic claimed the lives of 2,000 residents in Memphis, Tennessee, “a number which constituted at the time the most yellow fever victims in an inland city” according to Wikipedia.
Jonathan Sarna calls that epidemic a very Jewish story.

Photos from the 30s: Peretz School & the Maple Leaf Curling Club

Lou Billinkoff

We received two interesting emails from readers Lou Billinkoff and Martin Buchwald that harken back to a much earlier time in the existence of the Winnipeg Jewish community: the 1930s. Click on "read more" to see those emails - and some fascinating pictures that are over 85 years old.

Situation at Simkin Centre has been good – although mixed with some uncertainty

Allan Walder - 1st resident
at the Simkin Centre
to receive a vaccination


The problem with writing about Covid is that the situation is so fluid that a report one day can quickly be superceded by a contradictory report the next day. What follows is a report we published in the Feb. 3 issue of The Jewish Post & News, with an addendum taken from the Simkin Centre website that somewhat contradicts what we reported in the print newspaper. We also want to apologize for a mistake we made in identifying a Simkin Centre resident wrongly.

B’nai Brith Camp announces new co-executive directors: Married couple Lexi Yurman and Jacob Brodovsky

Jacob Brodovsky/Lexie Yurman

For the first time ever, B’nai Brith Camp on Town Island in Lake of the Woods will be under the direction of a husband and wife team: Jacob Brodovsky and Lexie Yurman. The decision announcing their hiring was made in the fall. As of January 1st, Jacob and Lexie succeeded Jerrod Henoch, who was executive director for two years following the retirement of Brenda Tessler-Donen. (Unfortunately, this past summer, as was the case with sleepover camps everywhere, there was no camp.)

Mariam Bernstein reprises Evie award winning role in WJT’s “Becoming Dr. Ruth”

Mariam Bernstein
as Dr. Ruth

Winnipeg Jewish Theatre (WJT) presents Mark St. Germain's Becoming Dr. Ruth from February 8 to 14. With a twist. The show will be streamed. Featuring Mariam Bernstein in her Evie award-winning performance, a holocaust survivor becomes a legendary sex therapist in this warm and funny play. Watch a clip from the play here:

Ice Dreams Come True at Gray Academy: Gray Academy-Tough Duck Community Ice Rink opens in January

2 donor families to the
ice rink. Left - Narvey
family; Right - Levene family

Submitted by Gray Academy
The Winnipeg Board of Jewish Education (WBJE) is thrilled to announce an exciting new addition to Gray Academy of Jewish Education this winter, one that will bring tremendous benefits to students and the entire community. With the generous support of donors, we have recently unveiled a brand-new outdoor ice-skating rink.

Jewish Fireside Chat Winter 2021 - Smart + Soulful

JLI Logo PNG RGBA virtual lecture series where leading Jewish thinkers share their stories and messages of inspiration with our community. Live webinars take place every second Wednesday at 7:30 pm, followed by Q&A. To join, please register at or call Chabad at 204-339-8737. There is no cost to join but donations are welcome.