CABGU March 3

Join in a Zoom session March 2 that promises to offer hilarious stories about The Jewish Post

Bernie Bellan/Gerry Posner

Note: We originally had posted the wrong date for this event. Isn't that just typical of me to get wrong the date for an event in which I'm supposed to appear?

On Tuesday evening, March 2 at 7 pm Central Time, The Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada will be offering viewers around the world a chance to hear never-before stories about The Jewish Post - going back as far as 1925 (when Bernie Bellan was just a lad). In conversation with the world's most popular man, Gerry Posner, Bernie will deal head-on with the rumour that he actually knows something about publishing a Jewish newspaper.


Now - after that ridiculously light-hearted introduction, here's the real submission that the Jewish Heritage Centre sent our way - in all its deadly seriousness. (Warning: Bernie and Gerry have no intention of entering into a serious discussion of anything that follows here):

Jews are known for being the People of the Book. The word (printed and oral) has been essential to the perpetuation and dissemination of Jewish culture. In Winnipeg, the printed word in the form of the press has been central to fostering discussion, debate and providing information on community activities.

From its origins the Winnipeg Jewish community has produced several newspapers. Following the Israelite Press which was written in Yiddish, the community embarked on the creation of two Anglo newspapers, The Jewish Post and the Western Jewish News. Established in 1925 by Ben Cohen, the Post catered to a middle-class Jewish readership acculturated to Canadian social reality and for whom English was the principal means of communication. As Lewis Levendel, historian of the Canadian Jewish press noted, “the first issues of the Post reveal a lively, active Jewish community. Upcoming functions included a Talmud Torah bazaar, a Hadassah concert, an orphanage auxiliary meeting, a dance series, Young Men’s Hebrew Association notes and an election to the Montefiore Club.”

Over the years, articles, columns and letters to the editor have covered virtually every aspect of community life, suffused with a variety of perspectives and opinions encompassing various political orientations and religious and secular currents. In the 1930s through the columns of the highly respected Frederick Fingerote, the Post brought to public attention the plight and tragedy of European Jewry, and several writers reported on the nascent state of Israel. Community activist Harold Buchwald commended the Post “for having encouraged and given publication to so many writers – both local and international, and for its concern and advocacy of everything worthwhile in our community life, coupled with unflinching support for the state of Israel.”

Join the conversation with Bernie Bellan and Gerry Posner as they explore interesting episodes, entertaining and illuminating anecdotes, behind-the-scenes revelations, and the galaxy of personalities that have given shape to this enduring feature of Winnipeg Jewish community life.

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