Simkin Centre staff have been doing a fabulous job dealing with the demands placed on them by COVID-19

neighbours on Dovercourt applaud Simkin residents

The role that Personal Care Homes have been playing in the COVID-19 pandemic is a crucial one.

Jewish Child and Family Service offers counselling in these stressful times

By BERNIE BELLAN Jewish and Child Family Sevice is a multi-faceted organization providing services to individuals in a host of different areas.

Jewish Federation to provide emergency assistance for organizations - but why?

By BERNIE BELLAN A story in the Monday, April 27 issue of the Free Press says that the Jewish Federation has launched an emergency fund for organizations that have taken a financial hit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

More Than Six Acts of Antisemitism a Day, New Audit Reveals

Michael Mostyn, CEO, B'nai Brith Canada

April 27, 2020 While Jews were viciously attacked and/or killed in New York, New Jersey,California and Germany in 2019, the number of antisemitic incidents in Canada set records for a fourth consecutive year.

Gifted teacher and chazan Avi Posen and wife make aliyah

Avi & Illana Posen

This story was first published in the Nov. 27, 2019 issue of The Jewish Post & News: The departure of Avi Posen and his wife, the former Illana Minuk, right after yom tov, can be best summed up as “Winnipeg’s loss is Israel’s gain”.

Three Winnipeg–born writers nominated for Western Canada Jewish Book Awards

Zaidman Levine 
Harriet Zaidman/Allan Levine

Two Winnipeg writers along with one writer who was born in Winnipeg and who now lives in Vancouver have been nominated for Western Canada Jewish Book Awards.

Jewish Child and Family Service stepping up to meet the needs of the neediest members of our community in this extraordinarily difficult time

Al Benarroch, Exec. Director, JCFS

With the Corona virus enveloping the entire world, and with seniors being among the most vulnerable members of our community, the agency whose mandate it is to provide social services to seniors in our community has been thrust into the role as the primary source of contact for many seniors - and others who rely upon social support.
Rather than being able to provide in person counseling and other services to its clientele, however, the Jewish Child and Family Service is front and centre among Jewish organizations in this city that have had to improvise how it provides its normal services.

Comedian Sarah London takes her comedy show to Instagram

Adam Schwartz/Sarah London


What do all great women have in common? They just won’t take no for an answer. When someone puts an obstacle in their path they just power right through it. Neither will Sarah London.

Canadian Jewish News - Canada's flagship Jewish newspaper, announces it's folding


This story is one that I had been dreading to see. The Canadian Jewish News has been a hallmark of superior journalism for years. It was the model for all other Jewish newspapers in Canada.

April 3, 2020

MONTREAL (JTA) — Canada’s flagship national Jewish newspaper, the Canadian Jewish News, became a coronavirus casualty after it announced that its April 9 issue would be its last after 60 years in business.

Talented Jewish singers, musicians shine at abbreviated 2020 Winnipeg Music Festival

Julia Kroft/Sean Broder


As per usual, the 2020 Winnipeg Music Festival – even though suspended after just one week (as compared to the normal four weeks due to the Coronavirus – did produce some winning performances by several younger members of our Jewish community.

New film about 94-year old Holocaust survivor Isaac Gotfried premieres at Berney Theatre

Panelists following presentation of the film about Isaac Gotfried (l-r): Kaitlin Medeiros (former student at J.H. Bruns Collegiate; Tim Beyak, teacher at J.H. Bruns; Isaac Gotfried

For 94-year-old Isaac Gotfried. telling the story how he survived three years in various slave labour and concentration camps during World War II has been his mission in life for over 26 years now.
In 2018 I recorded a talk Isaac gave to 32 Muslim students from a school in St. Boniface. A video of that session can be seen on our website at categories-media/78-shoah/227-isaac-gotfried. During that talk Isaac noted that, at that point in his life, he estimated that he had spoken at over 100 schools to over 20,000 students.