Gray Academy sets the pace for all other schools in Manitoba by instituting vaccine requirement for all students 12 and up

Lori Binder
Head of School, Gray Academy

By BERNIE BELLAN I had intended to speak with Lori Binder, Head of School at Gray Academy at a pre-arranged time on Wednesday, August 25 when, on Tuesday afternoon I received an email from Lori informing me that she wanted to share with me a communication that had just gone out to all parents.
Following are excerpts from that communication:

Rady JCC Golf Tournament raises $200,000

l-r: Daniel Worb, Blair Worb,
Bernie Nicholls, Marshall Love, & Jacob Love

Over 150 golfers participated in the Rady JCC golf tournament, held August 10 at the Glendale Golf & Country Club.

Among the golfers was former NHL hockey great Bernie Nicholls.

"Dear Jack Dear Louise" funny and poignant

Justin Stadnyk and Becky
Frohlinger in a scene from
"Dear Jack Dear Louise"

Review by BERNIE BELLAN When I learned that the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre was going to be producing its first production in front of a live audience since February 2020, I wondered how it might come off, given that performing under a canopy on a field isn’t quite the same as say, putting on a show at Rainbow Stage.

Winnipeg’s first lady of independent theatre takes her leave

Kayla Gordon

By MYRON LOVE Kayla Gordon may have taken her last curtain call as the artistic director of Winnipeg Studio Theatre – which she founded 15 years ago – but that doesn’t mean that she is leaving the Winnipeg theatrical scene any time soon.

Camp Massad was set to go - but Manitoba Health put a crimp in all the plans

Improvements to Camp Massad
made over the past 2 summers
include: new siding on all cabins
and a new basketball court

By BERNIE BELLAN Just as BB Camp had a plan in the works that allowed families to make use of the camp, Massad also had something similar in the works – with families being able to rent cabins.
While Camp Massad had to cancel all its June bookings, it was still able to take bookings in July for rentals.
Nevertheless, the families that were able to come out to Massad had a fantastic experience, Massad Executive Director Danial Sprintz noted. “We even encouraged families to bring their dogs with them,” he said.


BB Camp and Camp Massad end up having totally different experiences this summer

BB Campers set out
on their canoe trip
in late July this summer

By BERNIE BELLAN Back in the spring it was hard to know what might unfold for our two Jewish sleepover camps.

It was in our May 12 issue when I reported that while BB Camp’s co-directors, Jacob Brodovsky and Lexie Yurman,  weren’t optimistic that the Ontario government would lift all restrictions that had been imposed on camps as a result of Covid, there were still reasons to be hopeful that they would be able to run some form of second session, AC (Advanced Camp) and LTP (Leadership Training Programs) programs at the camp this summer.

Winnipeg Jewish Theatre to premiere first live show since February 2020

Stars of the new WJT show
left: Becky Frohlinger
right: Justin Stadnyk

By BERNIE BELLAN Amidst all the plans that had either to be shelved or retooled as a result of Covid, perhaps no organization within our community has had to constantly rejig its plans more than the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre.


Who were the major recipients of Jewish Foundation grants in 2020?

Jewish Foundation logo2By BERNIE BELLAN Elsewhere on this website ( we reported on the very successful year that the Jewish Foundation had in its 2020 fiscal year, both in terms of new contributions ($3,384,493) and in the growth of the total assets of the Foundation (to $148,075,775, compared with $137,039,046 in 2019).

New cannabis store in Tuxedo promises to give whole new meaning to the "High" Holidays

the co-owners of

By BERNIE BELLAN In the 1920s some rich supporters of the Republican Party in the U.S. gained notoriety by running an ad claiming that under the Republican administration of Herbert Hoover there was “a chicken in every pot”. Now that there’s an election on in Canada – I wonder if there's any politician around who would have the courage to promise “a little pot in every chicken” - which was an expression once ascribed to Pierre Trudeau.

Gwen Secter meal delivery program continues to fill vital need in the community - non-Jewish as well as Jewish

Becky Chisick
Gwen Secter Executive Director

By BERNIE BELLAN Ever since the Covid pandemic took hold in Manitoba I’ve been chronicling the amazing efforts emanating from the Gwen Secter Centre to provide services not only to seniors but to many other individuals in need.

Gwen Secter Centre plays host to Canadian/Israeli singer/songwriter of considerable renown who was stranded in Winnipeg for over a year and a half

Orit Shimoni (left)
"Live from the Lot"
concert organizer Karla Berbrayer

By BERNIE BELLAN After going a year and a half in Winnipeg without any live entertainment to speak of - beyond the occasional street concerts that seemed to spring up impromptu from time to time, it was welcome news to read that the Gwen Secter Centre was going to be playing host to a series of weekly concerts every Wednesday through August 25th.